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Chinese Medicine takes into consideration each person’s unique physical and emotional state.  Acupuncture, when performed by a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, (not an M.D.) aims to get the body into harmonious balance so that the healing energy of the body is maximized and the body can heal itself. 


The acupuncturist asks a number of questions to ascertain where imbalances are in your body.  People don’t always understand why some of the questions are being asked.  Why are they asked about their sleep and digestion?  Why are they asked if they crave sweet, sour, or salt? Why is their tongue examined and pulse taken on both wrists?  These things are done to diagnose imbalances in the body, mind, and spirit so that the correct treatment plan can be developed for that particular person to obtain the best results.

Imbalances in the body create dysfunction in the mind, and dysfunctions in the mind create imbalances in the body.  For example, too much worry can weaken the Spleen, creating problems in the digestive system that can bring rise to a host of other problems such as fatigue, weak extremities, bruising, and fuzzy thinking.  And it works the other way as well.  A weak Spleen can lead to excessive worry and obsessive-compulsive tendencies. 

When it comes to chronic problems, internal problems, emotional problems, or many different symptoms manifesting throughout the body, the entire being must always be analyzed. When pain manifests, it suggests a restriction of energy. Acupuncture can unblock this restricted energy, whether it be an emotional or physical restriction.

Acute muscular-skeletal problems involving injury are more straightforward. However, knowing the underlying imbalances and treating them, maximizes the healing potential of the body. This can bring faster results to the patient.

Oftentimes, people have problems that don’t show up on medical tests or problems that cannot be diagnosed by Western medical doctors. Chinese Medicine uses a different method of diagnosis to see what is wrong with the body system. Acupuncture can help these types of problems.

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